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PADI Learn to Dive Course in Bali


PADI Open Water Diver Course is your first step in scuba diving

to obtain your ticket to a lifetime

of underwater adventure. Challenge it and get your first C-Card.






Resort Accommodation in Bali


You may also stay at Dive Today Resort only for Bali tour or some other purpose without diving. Just relax and have fun with enjoying savory cuisine at a clean, modern Dive Today Resort.




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Dive Packages in Bali


A dive safari is a diving-hotel

package which is a great way

to visit several dive sites and cut down travel time. Customized dive packages are available upon request.



Professional Scuba Diving


Welcome to Dive Today in Bali. Your best Dive Courses, Dive Resort, Dive Center and all about Diving Bali.


First of all, may we take the time to personally thank you for visiting our website? In our opinion we pride ourselves on having the best Scuba Diving and internship program in Bali, with some of the best diving, Course Directors and Instructors. That is why we as a company are willing to go that extra mile for you, the customer. It is vitally important to us to give you the best experience we can. In turn, this will give you some of the best memories and experiences of a life time.

It is a good idea to let Dive Today be your first choice to discover underwater world of Indonesia.
Then how are you going to enjoy Scuba Diving Bali ?
I would like to suggest that you choose to stay at " Dive Today ", a clean, modern Dive Resort Bali and enjoy your Diving Bali for your best holidays.
Dive Bali with Dive Today !


Dive Today is a highly acclaimed PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort and also a Dive Center and the only National Geographic Dive Center in Sanur, Bali. We offer Resort Accommodation, PADI Dive Courses, GO Pro Courses, Fun Diving and Adventure!


So, if you're planning a trip to Bali and fancy trying out some Diving in Bali island, tackling further PADI Dive Courses or simply fun Diving in Bali, check us out, get in touch and pop in for a chat. Please consider us for all your diving needs!!




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Our services include :


  • Modern Resort Accommodation
  • Daily Fun Diving
    Beach Diving & Day Trip Diving
  • Diving Courses Bali
    PADI Dive Courses : Beginner to Advanced and beyond
  • Go Pro Courses
    PADI Instructor Development Course and beyond
  • Liveaboard Cruises
    Low, Medium & High Class
  • Adventure Cruises
  • Asian Cuisine ( Korean, Indonesian Cuisine )
  • Bali Island Exploration
  • Dive Boat Chartering


Perhaps you just want to check out our credentials. See what experiences and PADI Dive Courses and programs we have to offer and what currently is on the go. Whatever brought you here, we hope that you find this site interesting, informative, and perhaps even inspiring, and above all, helpful. We have PADI Dive Courses to suit everybody.


Our PADI Dive Courses are designed to be flexible, enjoyable and to suit even the tightest budget. We are continually running PADI Dive Courses all year long and have adventure programs in Bali as well. In our experience, the best form of advertising is the word of mouth.


Perhaps you are interested in dynamically continued education or career advancement courses. Perhaps you want to tap into a wealth of experience and become certified in Advanced First Aid, not to mention our PADI Specialty Courses or a course that will challenge even the most diehard of people.


Bali is a special place to visit and offers a complete holiday no matter what your interest is. For you divers, one trip just wont cut it. To experience all of Indonesia's diving diversity, you'll need several trips. One trip may be to the Bali area, with a liveaboard to Komodo and a few diving days on shore (not to mention all the land based activities Bali, as a major tourist destination, has to offer).


Another trip may be a liveaboard to Sulawesi, with a week or more on shore diving the Lembeh Straight or staying at Wakatobi.


The PADI Open Water Course with Professional Instructors


The fun starts as soon as you sign up for the PADI Open Water Diver Course at Bali Dive Today Scuba ! This is your first step in Scuba Diving and is a full scuba diving certification. When certified you will be able to plan and conduct your own open water dives with a buddy- while applying your skills- within the limits of your training and experience. For training you will have an experienced Instructor guiding you all the way.


This is your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure!

You will have to fill in and sign a Medical statement (in your Crew pack) when registering and you will need to obtain a medical certificate from a doctor stating that you are medically fit to scuba dive. Not sure? Give us a call and we will gladly help! A Liability release form as well as a Statement of Understanding is also included and need to be read through thoroughly and signed before commencing with training.


Don't buy your own equipment yet! During the lectures and pool dives we will show you different kinds of wetsuits, fins, masks & snorkels. You won't need any soft gear for pool dives, however for your personal comfort it may be a good idea to invest in your own soft gear for the qualifying dives (mask, snorkel, wetsuit, weightbelt, booties & fins). Ask us about current specials for new divers.


Read more detail about : The PADI Open Water Course in Bali with Professional Instructors

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